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Date: 2018-04-17 12:04:22
Address: Los Angels, Los Angels, CA, 90001, United States
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Scrap metal waste recycling services UK
Agecko are a Total Waste Management Broker based in York and supply national coverage to our clients. Agecko evolved as a ‘Stand Alone’ Business from two successfully established equipment suppliers in the waste management sector, QCR and Easi Recycling. This bond ensures that Agecko have some of the most innovative, practical and cost effective solutions available in the Waste Management Sector. Agecko’s continual aim is diversion from landfill and to maximise recycling, minimising costs.

Our business at Agecko was then developed by a specifically sourced, experienced team of dedicated recycling professionals who are fully motivated by environmental and cost saving success.

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Name: Thomas Shaw
Los Angels

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